If Dreams Came True

If Dreams Came True

I was playing the 52 hand Joker Poker video poker game for fun and drew three 7’s and a Joker, when I played it out I hit a jackpot of 6500 coins (Click for my screenshot) for my screen shot)!  Of all the times not to be playing for real $$$.  Still these video poker games from Realtime Gaming are amazing and you can play this game for free by clicking here!  Online casino games have come a long way in the past few years and the great thing is you can play lots of the free right from the GamblingHall.com site.  Visit the Video Poker Room, the Online Slots Room or the Table Game Room where you will find 100’s of games and they are all 100% Free to play.

For those of you looking to play for real winnings you will find a selection of well respected online casinos below each games, these casinos have available the exact same game that you are playing.  Online casinos have become a stable part of the online entertainment world and the operate in many ways just like the land based casinos.  They all want you to come to their casino and the all offer Free Casino Comps so make sure to collect a free bonus when you join!

Have fun and good luck,

The Gambling Hall Team

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