Merlin’s Millions Scratch Off Game is Addicting!

Merlin’s Millions Scratch Off Game is Addicting!

These online scratch off games may be simple but they sure are fun and can even be addicting!  The Merlin’s Millions Scratch Off card from NextGen Gaming is a great example of how easily it is to pass the time playing this game.  It is like entering your local store and buying a whole roll of Lotto scratch off tickets.  The exciting thing about these games is they even post the Theoretical Return to Play rate and for the Merlin game it is an exciting 95.171%, compare that to  any state lottery and it is easy to see who offers the better win rate!

Instant scratch off games have been around for many years going back to early church raffles and today they have become a major source of income for most states. In the US there is a reason why 43 out of 50 states offer lotteries because people love to play these games and you can play the Merlin’s Millions scratch off for free by clicking here!  The latest evolution of online scratch offs offer fantastic graphics and sound effects, you are able to win multiple prizes on a single ticket and you can win free cards which offer double payouts!  The game even has a Reveal All feature for those of us who just can’t wait to scratch them all off.

The most exciting feature of this game is that it works great on your mobile tablets like the iPad, Surface and Galaxy Tab.  Next time you get stuck waiting for somebody just bring out your IOS or Android tablet and play away!  Like all the games at these games are 100% Free to play!  If you like the Merlin’s Millions scratch off game we recommend you check out the other free games by visiting our Scratch Off Games section.  Don’t forget to share us with your friends!

Enjoy and Good Luck

The Gambling Hall Team

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