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 Winaday Casino Review

The Winaday Casino is very unique because they develop their own line of online casino games which can only be found on the Winaday Casino site. These are very creative and fun games which play fast and fair but have a style all their own.

Launched in June of 2007, this online casino boasts 80+ games which can be played only at their casino. Classic games like Fruitful Sevens, state of the art games like Pyramid Plunder and very fun hybrid games such as Heavenly Reels are a few good examples. They have plenty of slot games, table games and video poker machines many of which are also mobile friendly.

One of the more popular sections of the Casino is the Penny Slots section where you can play exciting online slots and bet lots of coins but only at a fraction of the cost. For whatever reason more is better when playing slots! Another reason this has been such a successful casino is the fact they have always accepted players from around the world and actually have a large follow of players from the United States.

In summary the Winaday Casino is a well established and trusted online casino which offers a unique suite of games found nowhere else. The games are available to players around the world and are especially popular with players from the United States.  This casino has a good reputation as providing quality customer support from setting up of a new gaming account, to collecting a Free Bonus or just general inquiries, their team is available 24/7.

Software: Slotland Entertainment S.A.

The Slotland Entertainment software brand dates back to September 1998 making it one of the earliest providers of online casino games. What sets this brand apart from the rest is that these games are only found on the SLOTLAND and WINDAY online casinos. Each of these casinos offers their own unique games that are exclusive to their casino.

The Slotland Entertainment brand features three styles of games, the regular games (think classic), the premium games and the Penny Slots which are extremely popular. The standard games are the more simplistic games and may have only a single line and which time has proven will always have a loyal following. The Premier games have more sophisticated levels of play including advanced graphics and bonus games. The Penny Slots have been the latest rage where players can risk playing hundreds of coins while wagering very little.

The success of the Slotland Brand is most evident in the loyal following of players at these two online casinos. The games may not have all the bells and whistles of today’s contemporary games but the uniqueness of design and quirkiness of the game play more than make up for the lack of 3D animation. It is evidently clear when you pull the nose ring of a dragon to spin the reels on the Jewels of the Ancients slot game that the designers have a well developed sense of humor.

In summary the Slotland Entertainment Brand is here to stay and fills a unique niche for those players looking for something different. Their suite of games are very easy to play, easy to understand and are just plain fun. For those who are looking for a different twist to your online casino experience then the Slotland Entertainment games may be for you.

Software: Slotland Gaming
Languages: English
Operator: Slotland Entertainment S.A.
Currency: US$
Jurisdiction: Comoros
Banking: Visa, Neteller and Skrill
Mobile and Tablets: Yes
US Players: Yes
Customer Service: 24/7 Live chat

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